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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  November 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a holiday tradition in philadelphia. the country's oldest thanksgiving day parade right here in the sit of brotherly love. we could not have asked for a birthday. good afternoon, and happy thanksgiving. i'm erika von tiehl. >> we'll have more on the parade in just a moment.
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first i check in with katie. for to you say that you almost didn't need your coat out there, that's saying something. >> it really; you know how i am, i'm ' always the cold person in the room, so the fact it does feel that comfortable for late november, no less, we need to be grateful for that in itself. but it is going to be a beautiful rest of the day for us, and your "blackriday", looks pretty phenominal, as well. we start things off by just checking in on storm scan three which remains very quiet as you might imagine, we've got nothing more than couple of puffy white clouds here, over center city philadelphia. really the rest of the region as a whole, you can thank high pressure for that. it really is going to be again just beautiful, beautiful afternoon. check it out. you're already mid six's, here. with more of southerly push of air out in the highland area, atlantic city region, shore points in the 60s, currently at 60 degrees at philadelphia international airport. obviously, tad cooler the further north you travel, further inland, as well. but that all is going to be changing, as the afternoon progresses, everybody continues this nice warming trend, so, again, happy
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thanksgiving to you. sun and clouds, the expectation for the rest of the day, nice and mild, into the low 60s, if not even little bit higher than that, depending where you live. already exceed that as we just showed you down through some of the pine land areas. checklist for upcoming weekend, what can you expect? there will be wet weather to dodge eventually, and we are going to be tracking some cooler air, all courtesy of our next approaching frontal passage. so, when that gets here, we will just sort of break it all down for you further in the show. but we have to deal with pattern change respect for now, erika, smooth sailing, so nice outside. enjoy it. >> can't wait to get outside and do just that, thanks, katie. just beautiful day as katie said for the oldest thanksgiving day parade in america and it is right here in philadelphia. the 96 annual thanksgiving day parade is winding it way to the street of center city and wrapping up at the air museum stems. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon joins us in the middle of all of the action with moran the parade. rahel, happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: erika, happy
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thanksgiving. and what a happy thanksgiving it is, of course, so many people out here, in a good mood, because of the holiday, but what's up with this weather it is so warm out here, sun is out, it is shining, and a lot of us aren't even wearing coats. so what a happy day it is. but as you mention, the parade is just now starting to wrap up. the santa float came by about ten minutes ago, santa came little early this year, so people out here feel like they've seen it all, feeling very happy, and having a happy thanksgiving. can i ask what you're thankful for this year? >> i'm thankful for a loft stuff. first i'm thankful for my beautiful family and i'm just thankful to be here too. i had a beautiful time. >> oh, that's wonderful. he said 'd beautiful time. really hearing that so much today, people just so thankful for their family, for their friends, to have food to put on the table, and so it is really just such a beautiful day out here. now, i can tell you that what is a thanksgiving day parade without floats? we've seen all types of cool floats out here, the grinch, hello, thank you thanksgiving.
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>> you too. >> people are very excited watch are you thankful for? >> i'm thankful for all of my friends and family. >> good reason. is this your first time being out here? >> no, i come like every year, so -- >> what did you like about this year? any cool floats? >> the santa float, i likes the santa float, ya. >> santa was pretty cool. santa just passed by little early. so i think we were all pretty excited to see santa. >> ya. >> so what's your name, where are you from? >> gab fry new jersey. >> gabby night to -- nice to meet you. happy thanksgiving. so many kids out here, everybody so happy, so excited and some people wearing their coats, but the weather has been beautiful today. so the 96 annual thanksgiving day parade, what a beautiful year for it. so i sends back to you, happy thanksgiving again, erika. >> rahel, thank you, same to you and everyone out there, thanks so much. now to the other parade, you know, the other one up there in new york, hello kitty made adorable appearance at the thanksgiving parade in new york city. parade in its 89th year includes marching bands, and floats to go along with those
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giant character balloons. 3 million spectators were expected to turn out for the festivities, despite heightened security measures. the city staffed the parade with more than 2500 officers, that's the most ever assigned to the event. now one of the things we give thanks for on the holiday, service members, protecting our freedom. alex tree a huff at the battleship new jersey where active military personnel are getting full-on turkey dinner just fan that is took see. that will happy thanksgiving, alex. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving to you. and you know what, when we think of thanksgiving, often refer back to when the colonists and native americans shared bountiful meal. but you know what, here is a little history lesson, first deemed national holiday by abraham lincoln following the battle of gettysburg, you saw it as a way to honor the soldiers and also unify our nation. so, what a better way to give thanks today than with those who have fought to preserve this great country. we are here on battleship new
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jersey, just had great commemoration, kick off to the feast that's taking place below deck right now, but we have very special friends with us, this is russ collins, a world war ii veteran. he actually served here on this very ship from 43 to 46. so he knows every nook and cranny of this huge vessel. and russ, you have been volunteering to help feed these troops now for several years. tell me why you think this is so important to do. >> reporter: well, it gives the uss a shot in the arm, gets our nose out to people that have never even -- i have talked to people in philly. have you ever been on the ship. they said no, where is it? well, this is right across the river from you people. you know? >> this is a special way to have people on the ship and then also for some of these guys who are eating downstairs, many of them can't get home for the holidays, right? >> right. we get them from fort dix, mcguire, and people that can't get home, why we feed them down here on the ship.
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we give them turkey, nice dinner, pies, cakes, and they have a wonderful time. >> yes, so why is this such a special place for you? you had some very serious times on this ship. and you know it very well. what keeps bringing you back to it? >> memories, memories, and the men i work with, we have a wonderful men, volunteers. when you're away from them, because i was in the hospital couple times there, and i missed them. when you work with these men, just like your regular crew members, you miss them. and after a while, why, you have to get back in the flow and get with them and all. and it is a treat for me. >> and one last thing for you, russ, what are you thankful for on this holiday? >> well right now i am 90 years old. i'm thankful that i'm still here and i can do something for the ship and that i can get a free meal. >> well we're so thankful that you are here with us, we've
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been keeping this guy waiting. he's hungry. you have to get down to what, the mess hall? >> mess hall. >> we'll stay and meet up with some of the troops downstairs. right now reporting live from the battleship new jersey, alexandria hoff. >> we don't want to keep russ from his turkey, thanks so much. >> over in fairmount today, members of the salvation army handed out ready to eat thanksgiving, part of the thanksgiving to go event. 4,000 meals handed out by volunteers hoping to make the holidays a happy one for families across the city. also, working hard this thanksgiving day, the volunteer staff of mann a on ran stood street, the organization cooks and delivers meals to people battling life threatening illnesses. mayor-elect jim kenney was on hand, he pitched in there. the new mayor says he believes the manna organization does tremendous work. >> these folks out here are just awesome. they under stands what the meaning of real happiness is in life and that's service to others. they have been doing it for 25 years.
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these people are joyous out here this morning, packing food for people who can't do it for themselves. >> outgoing mayor, mike nutter, you can see hit right there, helping out at manna headquarters. >> we all know about the turkey, the stuffs, it would not be thanksgiving without the desserts, right? "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco joins just south philly at termini brothers bakery, some of those treats ends up in the news room, we would all be very grateful, diana. >> oh, that may just happen, erika. dessert is the most important part, especially for everybody here, termini brothers bakery one of the oldest and most loved. thanksgiving day traditions here in south philadelphia. the lines have been long, all morning long, but they move quick. they have been busy, filling orders, for months, this is one of their busiest days of the year, the bakers were in early this morning, and it wouldn't be south philly without canoli's, that's their most popular item today. and they are going fast. the bakers are filling those
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canoli's in the kitchen as we speak. the lines were so long at one point, they thread right around the counter and through the bakery. so everybody could see those orders getting filled, while they were waiting for theirs. the bakers have been here since # this morning, the doors opened at 7:00. and they will be here until 3:00 today. canoli's will be the most popular item today, but they are busy with cookie orders, pies, and all kind of treats for thanksgiving day. here's what they had to say. >> we have all of our homemade italian cookies, very popular, to go along with your call own i or pies for thanksgiving. we also have some other treats that people like, like our spoya dough, o chocolate covered bananas, all homemade italian pastries that people love to have on their table this time of year. >> reporter: there is a look at the chocolate covered bananas. this place is so infamous. people have come from far away. and started calling in their orders just after easter.
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they ship all over the country for today. and they say this is how they get ready for christmas eve. that's also a busy one here, christmas music is playing, and erika, i'm taking orders. so make sure you let me know what you want. i'm sure there may be some canoli's in the news room, about 30 minutes from now. >> fantastic. >> and, it is a big thanksgiving for the eagles too. the birds are hoping to end their losing ways for the thanksgiving show-down in detroit this afternoon. the eagles will face a three and seven lions team, who have struggled this season, but they are coming off a big win over oakland. birds meanwhile trying to forget that something at home four days ago, a 45 to 17 lost to tampa bay. mark sanchez will get the start at quarterback. kick off just in a few minute now at 12:30. coming up on "eyewitness news", heart breaking thanksgiving morning in one philadelphia neighborhood. after a fire leaves a person dead. the latest on the investigation. >> also, europe's still on
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alert as police search for two suspect in the paris attacks. officials investigate a possible terror cell in belgium. we have the latest for you when "eyewitness news" returns. who coined the term "side bread?"
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>> a fire early this thanksgiving day claimed the man of a man, we are told the home had no working smoke detectors. justin finch shows us fire investigators are still searching for the cause. >> inside this two story brick
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house, the 1900 block, there is little left. fire ravaged the inside leaving not much more than the brick frame. firefighters say it took about 16 minutes to bring the fire under control, they say, the worse that was burning right here, in the first floor, front facing room, it is also where moment later, they would find that victim dead. >> i saw him last sunday night. we did a job together. you know. >> heart breaking news for this man who knows the man who lived and died here. a young fought he calls dave, says the two work together on moving jobs. >> was this your routine, common in, pick him up, go off to work. >> yes, you know, moving or hauling, sometimes come pick him up. 's good guy, you know? >> about 12:22 thanksgiving morning, firefighters report several calls came in about this burning home.
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upon arrival, crews quickly got to work and made a determination, they say, that was the different here between life and death. >> we looked around the dwelling, and found no smoke alarms on the first and second floor, we found what look like old smoke alarm in the basement as this person had a working smoke alarm that they should have been able to get out. >> the victim is the 13th fire death of the year, down from 30, this time last year. in nicetown, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". the aftermath of the terror attacks in paris are still being felt across europe. police continue their search for two suspects linked to the attacks that killed 130 people. belgium also remains on high alert. investigators there believe a terror cell may be in the capitol plotting a solar attack on multiple locations. still ahead this noon, the heat was on in south philadelphia this morning, an annual tradition in the bakery that churns out turkeys for the holiday. >> i think we can say the same
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for the forecast, heat on at least for now, in terms of typical for late november. this is very warm weather, however, changes eventually are going to be with us, we will talk about the cool-down and the wet weather that's waiting in the wings when we come bac
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>> we know the star on thanksgiving is usually the turkey, right? how one south philly bakery has been helping generations bake the perfect bird. >> cacia's bakery, a south philly institution, usually known for bread. but on thanksgiving, it is all about the bird. >> my grandfather started when he was about my age, like a little around the holidays, just took off from there. >> you bring the turkey, cash's cooks it. about half century since its inception, the process has saved quite a few thanksgiving family dinners. >> what happened? i went to turn the oven, it
12:20 pm
just wouldn't turn on. it died on me overnight. i have no clue. >> this morning, it was al least murphy who needed a rescue. >> somebody played a dirty trick on me. maybe it is the turkey. who knows. >> there were first timoneers line, and those who have made this trip a tradition. >> took it out this morning, 5:00 in the morning, my husband was sitting there stuffing it, and ready to go. >> this turkey tastes great. it frees up the oven to allow to you cook other things. >> space is at premium inside cacia's bakery, brick ovens here fit max of 140 turkeys and every year the family comes close to breaking a record. >> 140 birds were stuffed inside this year. number 26 was tom kehoe's turkey, bring him up to watch a different birds, the eagles take on the lions. >> bring the turkey back, watch the game, then when the game is over everybody addition in. >> now life-long fan of cash a's who will never boo team turkey n south philly, jan
12:21 pm
carabeo, "eyewitness news". oh, and they make it so perfect, moist, crispy skin. >> i just love this tradition. i think it is so cool that they do that. >> frees you up for the sides, the gravy, all of the good stuff. no excuse not to get out and enjoy this beautiful day today. >> absolutely, keep saying little touch football, burn off some of the calories. >> very good. >> not the worse idea, and you have picturesque weather, it feels gorgeous have you stepped outside since this morning? >> ill in about nine minutes. >> if you haven't done it yet, feels so good outside, and you'll need those shades as well, really toying do i really need the coat? i might go out of here with the dot over my shoulder, catalogue style. let's get you out there and get serious, shall we? we start it off with quick check on "skycam 3", really is just looking lovely, i had to chuckle this morning, there was turkey trots down the board walk this morning i saw runners running down the boardwalk, actually looked it up, i had to find out what's the turkey trot called.
12:22 pm
it is the best name in the world, guys, the fast and the furriest5k. i couldn't get over myself, just loved t look at all of the tons of people out on the board walk, so pleasant, whether you are at the shore, whether you are further inland, enjoy it, another spot that i couldn't get over, there were tons of people out, and actually sitting on the beach. it is that nice outside. boardwalk plaza at row rehoboth. high pressure the reason, we've got the high in place, starting to shift little bit out to sea. what that does is allow more of return flow, in other words, a southerly push of air to kick in. if it is coming from the south, coming from milder place, so that means the air going to start warming up nicely, and that certainly has done. obviously, some activity going on off to the west, large storm system that continues to brew. it will be major storm for the central united states, what's it mean for us? not huge deal, thankfully, we get through today highs low 60s, mid 60s tomorrow, still with some sunshine, but then this front is finally going to cross through, really with
12:23 pm
little fanfare, it does knock temperatures back, but generally just talking couple of showers out of this, especially for the first half of the day. so say generally morning showers, we look at future weather notice your time stap p out to 8:00 a.m. saturday. there will be some showers around granted but this particular model wants to keep it around maybe into the early afternoon, but still, you are not talking a wash out out of this. possibly even looking at a shower, dotting the area radar sunday, especially in the morning looks like, however, again, not talking about any kind after wash out of our weekend. but, really, the only guaranteed 0 percent chance for rain for the next four days, heist today, that's tomorrow. and then come the weekends, that's when we start to see the next front sliding on through and brink withing it the chance for wet weather. so, today's just beautiful. ease enjoy it while you have got the opportunity, it is late november. we don't see 60s all that often, not as colds tonight, we drop down to 45. you might see a couple of little patches of fog out there, as well. as we look forward in the forecast, come saturday, sunday, we are cooling things back down, to reality.
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